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Investment and Financial Consulting


REL Investments Group offers financial and investment consulting based on our clients needs that helps to make decisions with clear, task-oriented, and successful strategy, which completely corresponds to the client’s purposes. Development of your business is important for us because the successful realization of a business project means financial success for both parties. Everything we do to optimize the relationships with our clients is concentrated in our corporate values: integrity – respect – surplus value. It means that our clients may count on topical and effective recommendations, professional decisions, and expert actions from us in the client’s interest.

Navigating financial ocean can be risky business. We understand this and work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Whether you have assets and are in need of liquidity or you have capital and are looking for a healthy return, REL Investments Group can help you reach your financial goals. Our team of seasoned professionals is quite capable of customizing innovative solutions that fit your specific business needs.

Contact us today and discover how we can help launch your new project, take an existing project to the next level, or help you through an unexpected crisis.


The hourly rates

We do not ask for our customers additional Commission payment to the value of issued financial instruments. But when the customer is additionally needed our consultations, we provide them on a fee basis. Consultations may be undertaken by agreement with the client according to the following tariffs:

Consultation and work with projects
(in our territory) - $600/h.

Consultation and work with projects
(on the territory of the client, but not less than 6 hours) - $800/h.

Project support

Appling to our company in order to attract debt financing or to issue a financial instrument, a Client has to provide a detailed project implementation plan and a business summary. The documents prepared by the reputable international consulting firms will be accepted for consideration. Our company is ready to assist in the development of a business plan for a Сlient, as well as to provide support for your project on a fee basis. Fixed fee for the maintenance of your project can be defined for each project individually. A Client pays for all consulting services according to the current tariffs of the company.