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Investment and Financial Consulting

About Company

REL Investments Group provides consulting services for the companies intending to obtain various financial instruments to develop their business or receive funds for their projects. We work with companies that demonstrate stable growth and want to significantly increase the volumes of their transactions but due to lack of their own assets can not obtain the necessary financing from bank. To implement the above we can provide a whole package of services in both issuing the financial instruments and receiving bank loans against hard financial instruments.

Having a large experience in documentary operations we offer solutions for credit enhancement purposes effectively responding to changes in financial markets to completely satisfy our clients’ needs. Our services advantage that the client is not required to cover total value of the instruments issued — it is only the cost of issuing.

Our company pays great attention to the needs of every client and offers customized approach to establish partnership relations. We are absolutely interested in financial success of our clients and that is why we adhere to uncomplying principles in cooperation, leading the client on the way of minimum expenses and achieving the planned business goals.

Our company has gained a large experience in the area of financial consulting. As a member of international financial group our company has tight and time-proved relationships with and support from various asset management companies, international hedge-funds and financial institutions. Our company combines the speed and agility of a boutique financial firm with the capability of a financial powerhouse. We will help you to quickly realize your grandiose business plans and achieve impressive positions in your market sector using our innovative financial strategies.

Our main goal is to develop a clear focused strategy, which responds to the client's request and lead to the expected results.
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Our Principles


The trust of clients for us is extremely important, that's why we guarantee each client the high quality of our work and unconditional fulfilment of the obligations taken on. We are in front of the client's financial obligations for the quality of services rendered by us.


We guarantee each client with complete confidentiality of the information on the project and other data, necessary for the successful solution of the tasks. We also adhere to the principles of complete mutual confidentiality and non-disclosure of the information received by the parties, when making financial transactions.

Individual approach

We provide each client completely individual approach to the decision of its tasks. Each project has its own individual characteristics, and we aim to satisfy every customer on the way forward it to the intended business objectives.

Our Principles