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Investment and Financial Consulting


Using its international experience and opportunities REL Investments Group renders assistance in obtaining additional financial services. Some companies may need to receive or send certain types of messages using inter-bank communication protocols (SWIFT). We can help to provide it and offer our services.



Providing the SWIFT messages

and other types of messages by arrangement with client.

A Ready Willing and Able Letter (RWA Letter).

A Ready Willing and Able Letter (RWA Letter) is a bank issued document on an applicant’s behalf to show readiness and intent in a financial transaction.
The letter is issued bank to bank, and most popularly by SWIFT MT799. The term is specially used in relation to informs side on the readiness to enter into a contract or to start a transaction.

Corporate responsibility

Any consulting, cooperation or support from REL INVESTMENTS GROUP in the implementation of the project can not be considered and confirmed for companies related to the countries below:
Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bhutan, Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gaza, Haiti, Côte d’Ivoire, Libya, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Papua-New Guinea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Zimbabwe.
REL Investments Group reserves the right to deny assistance to a Client in implementation of his project without giving reasons.

REL Investments Group does not offer or sell financial instruments or other securities issued by any bank and always acts in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, including restrictions on the sale and rules regarding suitability of financial instruments. Nothing on this web site constitutes an offer to sell any securities or financial instruments.